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Barbie Fashionistas Day Looks Clothes - Glitter And Jewels Outfits

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Barbie Fashionistas Day Looks Clothes


Model: W3174
UPS: 027084706062

Young ones love the lovable Barbie Fashionistas - a great Barbie clothing made by Mattel. I in fact loved that the clothing has the feature of accessories include shoes and purses to complete the outfits. Other highlights consist of age 3+. Searching for Barbie Fashionistas . To learn more about this clothing, click on the market button on this page.

This set is component inside the Barbie Fashionistas Day Looks Fashion Collection for Spring 2012. Every day is perfect for fashion play with Glam accessories! Set comes with beautiful fashions and accessories to mix and match for the ultimate fashion fun! Includes fashions and themed piece-count. For ages 3 and more than. Fashions fit most Barbie dolls.


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