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Barbie Size Dollhouse Furniture- Living Room Set

Barbie Size Dollhouse Furniture- Living4 Star Rating
Barbie Size Dollhouse Furniture LivingBarbie Size Dollhouse Furniture Living Room Set Image 1
Barbie Size Dollhouse

Barbie Size Dollhouse by Zfinding is simply adorable. The feature characteristics are no doll included, only doll clothes, for over 3 year old kids and dollhouse furniture. 22004 is the model number for this item. To see the low price I ran across, visit the market button.

barbie size dollhouse furniture- room

Price: $18.98

Features List

  • no doll included, only doll clothes
  • Dollhouse furniture
  • for over 3 year old kids
  • Quantity: 1
  • Package: Height: 2.9" Length: 15.1" Width: 8.4"
  • Package Weight: 2.1 lbs.

Barbie Size Dollhouse Furniture Living
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